My March Hare – Part 1 – the days before

Well its Monday morning. Just had a good nights sleep but I’m still pretty knackered after four days!

It started on Thursday when I spent the morning with Murray, carving out a new deviation for the higher classes on Chalk Hill. The problem with the old one was that it had been spotted and used by the 4WD fraternity and the ruts were a bit deep. Never mind, Murray had worked out a new and longer route and we spent the morning clearing the brambles.

Friday was the day for getting the Beetle ready, no big jobs, just a check over and preparing a job list for the future!

Saturday was a full day. Met up with Arnold (Lane) and Richard (Tompkins) at 8 and headed for Kensworth where we met up with Mike Hayward, Dave Maitland and Peter Manning. With Edlesborough unavailable Kensworth was expanded to three sections, plus the special test. There is plenty of room there. Arnold knows the terrain very well and came up with a couple of competitive routes on he far bank. This was supplemented by a really long section from the bottom of the valley up to the exit gate. This wasn’t designed to be that competitive but a bit of fun on the way out! It started at the gate below the barn, following the track until the hill started to get steeper when it tracked across the grass to follow the hedge up to the top. It wasn’t designed as a stopper but at least one car was caught out by the slippery surface under the trees.

Then it was over to Binghams where after the January working party there wasn’t a lot to do apart from a bit of raking.

Ivinghoe took a bit of working out. There are sections there but what you can do depends very much on the conditions on the day. As it was Arnold needed to change the planned route just before the cars came on the Sunday.

We didn’t get to Brickhill until three o’clock. I was all for using the gulley but was out-voted, which was a shame. Instead Peter manning laid out a PCT style route the other side of the fence. We were still able to come up with a section through the woods at the bottom which more or less followed the usual route. The problem at Brickhill is that we have never found a way to make the routes really clear to Classic Drivers who are used to following defined tracks rather than looking for the next numbered marker. All they see is a forest of poles or a cats cradle of tape! With all the leaves and debris at Binghams it is possible to define the track by raking it clear but that is a lot of work.

Classic trials need ruts!

Got home around 6pm and crashed.

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