CTCRC Annual Do. A Nice affair, despite the organisation

I think that was the fifth CTCRC Annual do I have been to. In terms of atmosphere and enjoyment factor it was the best but what a shambles of organisation.

It was at The Ramada in Watford, same as last year and very convenient for locals Al Weyman and Phil Waller. Good news was it was sold out, bad news was the room wasn’t big enough. The big problem was the bar was in the room and the crowd around it encroached onto the nearby tables, including ours. Maybe I am getting old but the big advantage of having the bar in a seperate room is that later on you can get away from the music!

We finally get sat down and the meal is served about half an hour late. Along comes the starter, then along comes the main course and then just as they are about to serve desert the wine arrives. Who forgot to order it then?

Fortunately the PA was to MCC Trecarn standards which spared us from Richard Langeveld’s "jokes", some of which were in poor taste. Audio quality was improved by the time guest Alec Poole took the floor but by then all was lost and noboddy was listening.

The award winners were given a good reception and Neil received his pot for winning his class in Group 1. With so many awards the presentations lasted until nearly 11.30, leaving the dancers feeling short changed which was a shame as the mainly female band were quite good, all things considered.

Interesting gossip. Seems like quite a few people will be racing elsewhere next year, including Steve Primett who will only do few races with the club.

Pre 93 and Classic & Historic numbers look good but Post Historic and Group 1 are in for a struggle. At first site the Classic Thunder looks healthy but that’s because of the BOSS numbers. They are making sure they don’t get to drawn in and talk is they will be off on their own as soon as they get sufficient numbers.

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1 Response to CTCRC Annual Do. A Nice affair, despite the organisation

  1. Allan says:

    Errmm Michael I think you are being unrealistically and unneccessarily hard here and I take exception at some of your comments.(1) Yes the event was at the Ramada Watford that just so happens to be near to me, big deal its also a mile from Junction 5 of the M1 and two or three miles from the M25 which makes it very accessable for all. Now would you prefer to go back to where we went before, that high priced place in the hard to get to centre of Solihull because as far as I know you live a little way up the A1 and the Ramada Watford should be a far easier commute for you and your crew. So Why the Ramada Watford? Let me tell you why, my daughter works for the group at the branch near Hemel Hempstead so in an effort to cut costs to the club I got her to arrange a good price for the 2008 do. Unfortunately they could only accomadate 125 so it was moved to Watford and at £35 a head for a full 3 course meal and live band I think you must agree its excellent value and cheaper than the Solihull place. The fact the price could be held at just £35 for a 2nd year running was due to fact that we got a good deal negotiated by my daughter and Adrian.(2) You didn\’t like the fact that the room had a bar. Well I say excellent and one of the reasons the club choose to go back there especially after the Solihull do where I missed my trophy collection because I was out the room queuing up at the external bar. The bar arrangement at the Ramada was widely praised by most of the guests so it seems you are in a minority.(3) OK the meal was a little late, big deal these things happen, as was the wine. It certainly didnt spoil my night so what can I say!(4) The PA was perfectly adequate, I was towards the back and could hear perfectly and I suffer from tinitus from listening to too many V8 engines over the years.(5) Richard is Richard so what you get whats on the tin with the man, this is 2010 you know and I found him quite amusing.(6) Was a lot of awards thats true, do you want to suggest to the membership we cut them down? I think that may not go down too well.(7) Was the comment about people going elsewhere really necessary, I mean do you support the club or not. Let me tell you in case you were not aware, this was an END OF SEASON do so yes some people will be moving on but what you will not get is new people to the club that are coming out this season like Jaguar driver Cliff Ryan and his Mexico driving son Daniel attending an awards do for 2009! Contary to what you have written here I have heard a lot of returnees to the fold and from some of the rival series and championships, a good example Colin Stubbs. (8) Finally just where did you get your information about Boss. If they do have there own races eventually it will because they cannot be accomadated into the CT race because trust me Classic Thunder/Boss will be strong in 2010 with people like Andy Wilson bringing out a 4 x 4 Cossie Escort, Andy Robinson his new Aussie Falcon V8, Rob Compton V8 Belmont and many others that are interested.My old mum had a saying, if you can\’t think of anything good to say well say nothing, some of your critisisms may have some small merit but I won\’t sit hear and let you make statements that are not factual and are unfounded that could have a bearing on the CTCRC. If you guys are so upset with it then try Masters or somewhere, pay twice as much and see how you get on with the Group 2 cars lapping you!Regards,Al Weyman CTCRC competitor and loving it!

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