Autosport (Racing Car) Show at the NEC Yesterday

Went yesterday with Neil and Mike. I didn’t go last year but it didn’t seem that big compared to the year before. Nothing much to interest us triallers except a Lotus Mk IV which was over-restored for my taste.

Neil and Mike looking at the Lotus MkIV, Colin Chapmans Ford 10 engine in an Austin Seven Chassis. The engine and radiator are mounted far back and there is storage for petrol cans between the nose and the radiator.

Saw David Bache and David Alderson to talk to and spotted Trialler and former Morgan racer Rob Wells in the distance.

The commercial exhibitors were putting on a brave face but this was a pretty poor effort and frankly the adjoining Piston Heads show was more interesting. Nice day because of the company but not a great show and certainly not worth the price of admission.

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