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CTCRC Annual Do. A Nice affair, despite the organisation

I think that was the fifth CTCRC Annual do I have been to. In terms of atmosphere and enjoyment factor it was the best but what a shambles of organisation. It was at The Ramada in Watford, same as last … Continue reading

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Micheal’s Beetle on Priors Holt 3 on The Clee Hills Trial

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Clee Hills Video Playlist

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March Hare Working Party

Falcon had a great turnout for the first March Hare Working Party last Saturday. The job was to check and clear the sections in Binghams Wood. This year there weren’t any big trees fallen across the tracks but there was … Continue reading

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Autosport (Racing Car) Show at the NEC Yesterday

Went yesterday with Neil and Mike. I didn’t go last year but it didn’t seem that big compared to the year before. Nothing much to interest us triallers except a Lotus Mk IV which was over-restored for my taste. Neil … Continue reading

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Still not Biking

I haven’t been biking since the first snow before Christmas. Not so worried about the cold, it’s falling off that worries me. Even with the thaw in the last few days there has been to much ice away from the … Continue reading

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The Exeter and Stuff

Well the Exeter was snowed off. Well iced off really. Like a lot of people I was very disappointed but I suppose it was the right decision. From a personal point of view I would have been happy if the … Continue reading

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