NEC Classic Motor Show

Went yesterday with Don (Stringer). After a leisurely stop off for breakfast at Willoughby we arrived around 10.30 to find the place was already heaving. Lots more people around than the last two years I have been. Almost immediately we bumped into David Alderson who was in charge of the Motorcycle Hall where the MCC had a stand. No video this year which was a shame. As interesting as the bikes and the Morgan on the stand were they are not what the club is selling, its the events. Successful Exhibition stands are all about Light, Movement and Sound, always have been always will be!

Don Stringer talking to David Alderson who was in charge of the Motorcycle Hall

Moving into the car halls there was something for everyone. However therewere an awful lot of new and newish vehicles. IMHO nothing should be allowed thats less than 20 years old!

Neil’s "C" was looking good on the Y&C stand where I had an interesting chat about capacitors. Following the advice I picked up a couple of DCB 101C types. Will try those and see if they last more than a few hundred miles.

There was a Mk 5 Dellow on the Ford Sidevalve Owners Club stand

There was plenty of other stuff to see and a reasonable autojumble to browse so we didn’t leave until gone 4, to join the huge traffic jams around Coventry as plod had closed the M6, making what should have been an hour and a bit journey back to Bedford last three and a half hours.

Click Here for more pictures

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