Stoneleigh Restoration Show

Saw this advertised while browsing the net and at £10 to get, or £9 for us seniors, decided to go along. After a leisurely breakfast at Nettys Cafe Willoughby on the way we arrived to find a two hundred yard queue snaking around the car park as there were only two people taking money on the door. Fortunately it moved pretty quickly and we were inside after about fifteen minutes.

The Queue to get in snaked around the car park

Once inside we found it was quite a big show. Filling the two big inside halls, plus the outside hall and part of the cattle shed! Lots of interesting stuff to see. A lot of clubs had stands, including the Ford Sidevalve Owners and The Ford Y & C Register, both of which I am a member. Two of the Geoff’s were manning the Y & C stand and we reminisced about the Tour of Holland when we fist met them.

The Buckler Register had a stand and had a chassis which had been discovered which it was claimed had never been built into a car. Lots of pictures of the cars in use including quite a few trials ones and I recognised Stan Hibberts car which I once towed from the hard shoulder of the M3 down to the comparative safety of the A303

Apparently this Buckler chassis has never been built into a car

Lots of stands in the Autojumble, lots more than Race Retro or Enfield that we usually go to. Actually bought a few things, including a Starrett 1 to 2 inch Mic to go with the Starrett 0 to 1 than I bought in 1963 when I was an apprentice.

All in all a good do and we will go next year.

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