Enfield Pageant

The last few years Chris Mike and I have gone with Neil in one of his old Fords and displayed them in the Y&C Register area. With Neil at the Indy 500 this year we went in a daily driver. The weather was good but both the displays and the autojumble get smaller each year. Although smaller the autojumble was quite good quality, with more old stuff and less CCC (Cheap Chinese Crap).

No beer tent or Fish and Chip van. Apparantly a load of yobs, who were ther as exhibitors,  came out of the beer tent well and truly plastered last year, found the fish and chip van was closing up and set fire to it!

Managed to get a job lot of some nice old tyre levers (that I wanted) and a Stenor (which I didn’t as I have one already so it was up for sale but has gone already).

This Borg Warner Torque Converter took me back a few years. Thats where I served my apprentiship and later they funded my higher education. Click here for More Pictures

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