The Beetles Tyres after the Bovey Trial and adjusting the tracking on the back

The organisers warned that tyres would take a hammering on the flints and stones in Bovey Woods, so I used some re-moulds that were about a quarter worn. For a long time I have noticed that t he tyres wore more on the the inside and this outing proved it. Checking the rear tracking back at Chaos Manor I found about 2 deg toe out. After the adjustments I think its somewhere between 15’ toe out and neutral. Looking at the tyres I used to drive up to Ilkley and back the inside doesn’t look as if its worn more than the outside so it looks like job done.

Regarding the Bovey, good day, we will be back next year to destroy another set of re-moulds.

These Motorway remoulds were about a quarter worn . This is what they were like after driving down to Devon, doing the trial and driving back. The inside tread has gone, thanks to all that toe out.

Below you can see the chunks of rubber torn from the treads on the flints and stones. Wonder if this would have happened to new tyres?

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