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News on Motorsport Insurance

We have received the following Press Release following Richard Egger’s retirement. EVERITT BOLES & MORIS FILL THE VACUUMFollowing the premature retirement of Richard Egger from his company, Competition Car Insurance, Everitt Boles have already taken steps to fill the vacuum … Continue reading

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The Day Job

As some of you know the day job involves caravans and naturally this means going to caravan shows. I was in Dusseldorf yesterdat and found some interesting things for us petrol heads amongst the usual white boxes. Click here for pictures

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Geoff Confirms The Sprint now has a X-Flow

Had a mail from Geoff concerning the engine in The Sprint.   Please note the Sprint has a super tuned 1650 Xflow engine under the bonnet with tuned DC40 carbs,hence the exhaust now on the left hand side."   Thanks … Continue reading

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Got a new toy. A Cordless Impact Wrench

£49.99 from EBay + £9.99 for the postage. OK, I know its CCC (as Simon W would say) but it seems to work pretty well. Its 24v and you get two batteries and a charger. Do I need it, well … Continue reading

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Today’s Educational Project – The Panama Canal

Construction was originally attempted by The Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey’s but true to form they rolled over and put their legs in the air when the going got tough. The Yanks came in, knuckled down, got the job done and … Continue reading

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The Sprint’s Motor

Just had confirmation (thanks Simon) that Geoff Jackson did indeed replace the original 1500 Triumph Spitfire Engine with a Cross Flow. Wonder what it would be like with a K series! 

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Find out about your Motor

 Michael Hopprich told me that you can now access information on the dreaded DVLA Database. Check it out and thanks Michael.  Link to DVLA Online Vehicle Licensing | Vehicle Enquiry and Click on Vehicle Enquiry in the left hand menu bar.

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