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Snetterton Report Published

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Snetterton Report Published

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Tom Scott Andrews takes easy win in 1st Grp 1 race, re-run after red flag. Neil 7th in1300 Fiesta

There were quite a few non-starters, David Howard had not fixed his Jaguar XJ12 and reigning Group 1 champion Jim McLoughlin had suffered overheating in his new Capri. This left some big holes at the front of the grid and Tim Scott Andrews powered into the lead. Neil made a very good start but to no avail as the race was red flagged after a coming together between William Jenkins and the Rovers of Alan Roper and Nathan Turner.

Come the restart Tim went away for an easy win over Mark Fowler (Capri) and Steve Cripps (RS2000)

Neil was 6th in the Fiesta after battling with Andy Johnson and Ian Fowler in their Golfs

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Nigel Garrett wins first PHTC race. Neil 5th after being balked at the start

David Howard was on pole but didn’t pull away very quickly and it was Mark Lucock leading into the first corner in his RS2000. David Howard didn’t get much further, pulling off the circuit when his exhaust came adrift, baulking Brian Stevens (Lotus Cortina Mk1) and Neil Bray (Capri) in the process.

Nigel Garrett had started on the second row in his Dolomite but was soon up behind Mark Lucock and powered past him to take the lead as they crossed the line at the end of the first lap. The Dolomite and RS 2000 were evenly matched, the Dolomite more powerful but outcornered by the RS2000 on the right handers. The two swapped places through much of the race but Nigel used all of his experience and was in the right place when the flag fell.

Behind the leading duo William Jenkins had a lonely race in his BMW 3.0 CSL, now repaired after it’s head gadget problems at Lydden that had stemmed from his Brands incident.

Neil had dropped to last after being caught up in David Howards problems, not helped by a lurid spin across the grass exiting Coram on the first lap. He soon composed himself and came through the field to finish 5th at the end

1. Nigel Garrett (Dolomite)
2. Mark Lucock (RS2000)
3. William Jenkins BMW 3.0 CSL
4. Brian Stevens (Lotus Cortina Mk1)
5. Neil Bray (Capri)
6. Phil Waller (Avenger)
7. Tony Crates (Lotus Cortina Mk2)
8. Daniel Ryan (Mexico)

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The Race that never was – Part 2

Cont from part 1

Finally BB’s Escort was reckoned to be ready and the film companies test driver took it out. Then more fiddling before BB went out on his own for some familiarisation laps. Here I must mention that he had never driven the car, nor to my recollection competed in a race before. Back on the ramp for more gearbox removal and finally, around 3pm qualification took place.

There were 20 CTCRC cars, plus BB in his Escort and a special camera car. BB’s Escort was a Mk1 with a Zetec lump and a very fancy 4 link and coil over rear end with a Watts linkage. Hardly CTCRC spec but as it was his first race and the film company didn’t want him to be last it was fair enough. He drove quite well and was 7th quickest. The orange Escort used as a special camera car was quickest. This was even more special, in addition to all the special suspension it was powered by a lightweight V8 from a TVR.

More delays as they had to take the gearbox out of BB’s Escort yet again for more fiddling and it was after 4pm when the "race" took place. They were very worried that BB’s clutch would last but it held on for the necessary 10 laps. Dave’s Hickton and Howard, Tim Scott-Andrews and Steve Cripps screamed away from the line. They were racing for real and it was pretty exciting stuff. Dave Hickton took the win and the four gave a great display. BB was slow away, well it was his first racing start, but worked his way up to 7th or 8th I think by the end. He actually drove very well and was sensible when he overtook the slower cars in front of him. Admittedly he was given a lot of slack but a respectable performance.

Behind the leading four the other CTCRC drivers indulged in some "mock" racing for the cameras and the field became split into a lot of groups of two or three "dices". Apart from Daniel Ryan and Jeremy Knight who ended up with bent cars the drivers all enjoyed this immensely and there were smiles all round at the end. After all you don’t normally get filmed by a low flying helicopter at the average Lydden clubbie.

All in all a fun day.

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The Race that never was – Part 1

Lydden yesterday where Neil was invited to participate in a private "race" staged as part of a television motoring personalities Christmas DVD. No names no pack drill but I shall refer to him by the affectionate name he is known by at Chaos Manor, Bollock Brain.

Neil was delighted to be invited, the criteria being a car broadly off the Mk1 Escort generation, in practice a PHTC or Group 1 car, and the ability to behave on the race track. The problem came that he was on holiday with the family in the West Country at the time. So Mike Hayward and I bought the Fiesta down to Lydden with Neils van and trailer while Neil and Alistair drove across from Weston-Super-Mare.

There were 24 racers from the CTCRC more than matched by film crew complete with their Flying TV helicopter. There was also a full complement of marshals and a fire engine and crew.

The morning was spent with BB being filmed driving round and round the circuit in a road going Camaro while the racers were being filmed getting scruitinised. While all this was going on the Escort BB was going to race was having clutch trouble and was on and off Lyddens two poster while the guys that built the car tried to get the release bearing to function. I counted the gearbox coming in and out four times during the day.

Click Here for part 2

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Classics on the Common

Went over in the Model Y last night. Met up at the truck stop with a few others and we went in convoy. Neil took his White Mk2 Escort which he had just finished. Saw Alan with his Bristol, Cliff with his Jaguar and many others but didn’t see Nick Woolett and his Datzun 240Z.

The wether was quite nice until just after 8 when it started to rain and we joined the mass exodus. Got home around 9.30 so we had to use the lights for the last little bit.

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Old Ford Rally at Gaydon

Nice weather for this Y&C Register organised event. At Bob Wilkinsons request we took the Dellow. It went on the trailer as I hadn’t tested it put after all the work on the brakes and rear end.

We got there early to help out and were busy parking cars until nearly 11am. We were parked with the Side Valve Club. Trialler Nigel Hilling arrived with collapsed front suspension on his "best" Pop, a spring had broken as he left Leicester Forest East Services!

Once we finished doing our bit we had a good look round and of course we had a nose round the museum.

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